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Annual Reportは、ごうぎんの決算や活動内容にて海外の皆様に知っていただくために作成しています

Moody’s Japan K.K. (Moody’s)Rating & Investment Information, Inc. (R&I)Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR)Status of Safety and SoundnessEconomic Environment in the San-in RegionMarket Share in the San-in regionWe are rated at A2 for long-term deposits by Moody’sJapan K.K. (Moody’s), at A+ for issuer rating by Rating &Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) and at AA- for longtermissuer rating by Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.(JCR), respectively.Shimane Tottori TotalTotal population 697 thousand 574 thousand 1,271 thousandGross prefectural product \2.3 trillion \1.7 trillion \4.0 trillionShipment value of manufactured goods \1,056.7 billion \680.4 billion \1,737.1 billionNumber of business establishments 35,971 26,533 62,504RatingThis is one of the representative indices indicating thecredibility and safety of a company, which is objectivelyevaluated by an impartial third party institution todetermine whether the principal and interest of depositsand bonds are paid as promised and the degree ofevaluation is shown as a simple code.Capital adequacy ratioThis is one of the representative indices measuring thesoundness of a bank. Banks under Japanese Standards arerequired to maintain a ratio of 4% or higher.Capital adequacy ratio (domestic standards)is 14.82%, which maintains a high level.*Banks, shinkin banks, credit cooperatives and Japan Post Bankhaving branches in the San-in region (research by the bank)*Banks, shinkin banks and credit cooperatives havingbranches in the San-in region (research by the bank)In Tottori and Shimaneprefectures, the marketshare of the bank fordeposits balances of allbanks, shinkin banksand Japan Post Bank,etc., is 46.5%.In Tottori and Shimaneprefectures, the marketshare of the bank forloans balances of allbanks and shinkinbanks, etc., is 54.6%.Capital adequacy ratioShare of deposits (As of March 31, 2016) Share of loans (As of March 31, 2016)14.82%46.5% 54.6%A2A+AANon-consolidated basis(domestic standards)(long-term deposit rating)(Issuer rating)(Long-term issuer rating)San-inGodoBank46.5%San-inGodoBank54.6%2014 2015 2016(%)16.2414.68 14.8220151050Rating (Non-consolidated basis): highly rated for safety by rating agencies7