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Annual Reportは、ごうぎんの決算や活動内容にて海外の皆様に知っていただくために作成しています

The creative bank that best fulfillsthe dreams of the region andcustomers it servesManagementPhilosophySan-in Godo Bank would like to thank all its stakeholdersfor their continued support and encouragement.We are pleased to announce our latest AnnualReport, which summarizes the bank’s results for FY2015,management policy and our stance towards customers.We hope it encourages deeper understanding of thebank and its service to the region.Since the Bank of Japan introduced its negativeinterest rate policy, the low interest rate environment inJapan has become even more entrenched, with longterminterest rates in financial markets falling to recordlow levels. This has led to very challenging businessconditions for regional banks. Despite this backdrop,we are taking the initiative as a financial institution withdeep local roots to promote the strengths of Shimaneand Tottori prefectures, our main operating region.We are also using our extensive branch network andinformation-gathering capabilities to act as a bridgethat brings together local communities. One of ourimportant responsibilities as a regional bank is torevitalize the local economy, and we plan to do this byproviding support for existing businesses, startups andbusiness creation, while at the same time generatingnew demand for funds.< Harnessing the dynamism of our region >We launched a new Medium-Term Management Plan inFY2015. Under this plan, we are working on a daily basisto “establish a new business model that boosts addedvalue for corporate clients and makes lives richer forretail customers, while also increasing the profits ofSan-in Godo Bank.”For corporate customers, we will work with businessexecutives to understand and address their realmanagement concerns and needs, while also providingsupport through our branch and information networksand by harnessing the strengths of all our staff. Everyone of our employees will strive to improve their skills sothey can be of even greater service to our clients.We have launched many new initiatives to supportstartups and business creation that are already yieldingresults. These initiatives include investment fundsto support venture companies that have been spunoff from local universities and projects to help theagricultural, forestry and fisheries sector move into highvalue-added business fields. Developing these localbusinesses will help to lift the confidence of the Saninbusiness community in general. Going forward, wewill continue to contribute to the development of ourregion by creating more opportunities for startups andbusiness creation to flourish.For individual customers, we will improveconvenience by enhancing financial services such asasset management and lending. Asset management inparticular is attracting growing attention from individualcustomers due to the low interest rate environment inJapan. Working closely with Gogin Securities, whichstarted operations in October 2015, we have created aone-stop system for all the asset management needs ofour customers.< Supporting local communities as a company withclose links to the region >San-in Godo Bank has been conducting CSR activitiesfor many years, such as protecting forests and helpingMessage from the President2