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Annual Reportは、ごうぎんの決算や活動内容にて海外の皆様に知っていただくために作成しています

Risk Management SystemBasic Concept of Risk ManagementRisks faced by banks have become more complicated in line with liberalization and globalization of finance, development offinancial tools such as derivatives, and advanced and diversified needs of customers. While opportunities for financial institutions areexpanding, it has become more important for banks to determine risk precisely and manage such risk effectively.We set risk management as the most important issue in maintaining the stability and soundness of management and haveestablished a risk management system with our board of directors placed at the top.Specifically, we classify risk management as credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk and operational risk and assign respectivedepartments in charge of management of each.Credit RiskComplianceand RiskManagementDept.Market Risk Liquidity Risk ClericalAairs Risk System Risk Event Risk PersonnelRiskLegalCompliance Risk EmergencySecretariat:ManagementPlanning Dept.Headquarters, Sales O ices and Group CompaniesOperational RiskCredit RiskManagement Committee(Compliance and RiskManagement Dept.)EmergencyCountermeasuresHeadquarters(Head: President)Operational RiskManagement Committee(Compliance and RiskManagement Dept.)Compliance Committee(Compliance and RiskManagement Dept.)Internal Audit Dept.Board of Corporate AuditorsALM Committee(Compliance and RiskManagement Dept.)Board of DirectorsExecutive CommitteeLoan Review(Compliance and Risk Management Dept.)(Risk ManagementCommittee)(Risk ManagementDepartment)(Department inCharge of RiskManagement)[Type of Risk][Operation andSales Departments]indicates the system managing various risks by integration through measuring risks by unied metrics as VaRindicates the lines of reporting risk management status of the department in chargeindicates the line of giving instruction from the top in case of emergency (As of July 1, 2016)Integrated Risk ManagementAdministration: Compliance and Risk Management Dept.[Audit Department]Complianceand RiskManagementDept.Complianceand RiskManagementDept.Money andCapitalMarkets Dept.Systems Dept.OperationsAdministrationDept.ManagementPlanning Dept.PersonnelDept.Compliance and Risk Management Dept.Risk Management SystemLoan ReviewIn order to precisely comprehend the status of credit risks,we regularly hold loan review meetings to report thedetails of credit portfolios and discuss details.Credit Risk Management CommitteeWe established a Credit Risk Management Committee toconduct consultations and review of various measuresfor credit risk management, analysis and review of creditrisks status and have strived to enhance and reinforce thecredit risk management system.ALM CommitteeFor the purpose of general management of assets andliabilities held by the bank, we hold ALM Committeemeetings every month to secure stable profits by riskcontrol corresponding to the management vitality (capitaladequacy).Operational Risk Management CommitteeWe regularly hold Operational Risk ManagementCommittee meetings in order to precisely comprehendthe status of operational risks for appropriate risk controlthrough identification and assessment of risks and reviewof risk reducing measures based on monitored results.Emergency Countermeasures HeadquartersWe have established Emergency CountermeasuresHeadquarters for the purpose of responding quicklyto the first report of occurrence of an emergency anddetermine, give instruction and carry out emergencycountermeasures.10