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Annual Reportは、ごうぎんの決算や活動内容にて海外の皆様に知っていただくために作成しています

■Performance TargetsItemFY2014 ResultsFinal year (FY2017)Targets1. Net core banking profit \23.7 billion \27.0 billion or moreProfitabilitybenchmarks2. Net income \11.7 billion \15.0 billion or more3. Fees and commissions \6.5 billion \8.4 billion or more4. Fee and commission ratio(gross core banking profit base)10.8% 12.5% or higherEfficiency benchmark5. OHR(gross core banking profit base)61.08% Less than 60%Capital efficiencyindicatorFinancialhealth benchmark6. ROE(ROE (net asset basis))3.69%(4.36%)4.3% or higher(5.0% or higher)7. Capital adequacy ratio 14.68% Approx. 15%■Key InitiativesEnhance earnings growth drivenby relationship bankingSupport to regenerateregional areasStrengthen securities investmentReinforce the operating baseImplement CSRBoost added value for corporate clients1. Establish a business model that provides support for companies2. Upgrade our skills and actively take risksMake lives richer for retail customers3. Strengthen our ability to propose asset management services(link up with securities subsidiary)4. Accelerate growth in the credit card business5. Step up initiatives in loans to individualsRevitalize local economiesDiversify securities investment1. Revitalize operations and boost employee satisfaction2. Reassign strategic personnel3. Increase convenience for customers and boost operational efficiency4. Reinforce internal management systems5. Reinforce cooperation across the Group6. Implement an appropriate capital policy and return profits toshareholdersImplement social and environmental programs5