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Annual Reportは、ごうぎんの決算や活動内容にて海外の皆様に知っていただくために作成しています

Message from the PresidentSan-in Godo Bank would like to thank all itsstakeholders for their continued support andencouragement. We are pleased to announce ourlatest Annual Report, which summarizes the bank’sresults for FY2014, management policy and ourstance towards customers. We hope it encouragesdeeper understanding of the bank and its service tothe region.The government has positioned 2015 as thestarting point for regional revitalization, spurring arange of initiatives aimed at regenerating regionalareas and creating dynamic local communities. InJapan’s regions, where the population is projected todecline and age over the medium to long term, thereis an urgent need to regenerate local communitiesbased on a far-sighted vision. At San-in GodoBank, we believe this is one of our most importantchallenges.In FY2015, we launched our new Medium-Term Management Plan, aiming to realize ourmanagement philosophy ?“the creative bank thatbest fulfills the dreams of the region and customersit serves.”Under the plan, our code of conduct is to“establish a new business model that boosts addedvalue for corporate clients and makes lives richer forretail customers, while also increasing the profits ofSan-in Godo Bank.”In line with these goals, we willcontinue to work on building a new business modelthat supports the sustained growth of the region,our customers and the San-in Godo Bank.For corporate customers, we will continue tobuild even deeper relationships of trust by listeningcarefully to business executives and seriouslyaddressing their management challenges andbusiness needs. We will also step up activities toresolve their management issues and increaseadded value by drawing on the combined strengthsof the bank’s information network, personnel andthird-party experts. For individual customers, wewill strengthen our efforts to help them lead moreaffluent lifestyles. By providing comprehensivefinancial services from the entire Group, includingGogin Securities, which will start operations inOctober 2015, we aim to address a wide rangeof financial needs and offer high-quality regionalfinancial services that are on par with those availablein urban areas.As part of our efforts to regenerate regional areas,we will work closely with local government agenciesand other external partners, mainly through ournewly established Regional Regeneration ProjectTeam. Our aim is to support the revitalization ofthe local economy by providing support to newbusinesses that draw on the strengths of theregion and by helping existing companies in theagriculture, forestry and fisheries sector diversify intohigh value-added business fields.We will also do our part to help resolve socialproblems in the region through active CSR initiativesin areas such as forest conservation, self-reliancesupport for the mentally challenged and educationalactivities.We look forward to your continued support andencouragement in the year ahead.October 2015Fumio IshimaruPresident and Representative Director3