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Annual Reportは、ごうぎんの決算や活動内容にて海外の皆様に知っていただくために作成しています

Notes to the Consolidated Financial StatementsTHE SAN-IN GODO BANK, LTD. AND CONSOLIDATED SUBSIDIARIESRelated Information(1) Information by serviceMillions of YenIncome from customersLoansSecuritiesinvestmentLeasingOthersTotalYear ended March 31, 2014\35,286\24,579\13,270\14,108\87,244Year ended March 31, 2015\34,673\27,629\13,154\15,275\90,733Thousands of U.S. DollarsSecuritiesIncome from customersLoansinvestmentLeasingOthersTotalYear ended March 31, 2015$288,532$229,915$109,461$127,111$755,038(2) Geographical information(a) Ordinary incomeAs the Group’s ordinary income from customers in Japan accounts for over 90% of ordinary income, disclosure bylocation is omitted.(b) Tangible fixed assetsAs the Group’s tangible fixed assets located in Japan account for over 90% of tangible fixed assets presented in theconsolidated balance sheets, disclosure by location is omitted.(3) Information by major customersAs no single customer accounts for over 10% of ordinary income, disclosure by major customers is omitted.Information on Impairment Loss on Fixed Assets by Reportable SegmentMillions of YenReportable segmentsImpairment lossBankingLeasingTotalOthersTotalYear ended March 31, 2014\130\ ?\130\0\131Year ended March 31, 2015\846\ ?\846\0\847Thousands of U.S. DollarsReportable segmentsImpairment lossBanking Leasing Total Others TotalYear ended March 31, 2015 $7,040 $ ? $7,040 $0 $7,04826. Related Party TransactionsTransactions with the Bank’s directors, corporate auditors, executive officers and their relatives include loans receivable andguarantees. These transactions totaled \1,675 million and \2,243 million ($18,665 thousand) for the years ended March 31,2014 and 2015, respectively. The balances of the loans receivable from these parties totaled \1,656 million and \1,864million ($15,511 thousand) at March 31, 2014 and 2015, respectively. The terms of these transactions were determined on anarm’s-length basis.27. Amounts per ShareYenU.S. Dollars201420152015Net assets\1,896.27\2,103.82$17.50Net income:Basic\ 69.21\ 76.00$ 0.63Diluted68.8675.540.6238