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Annual Reportは、ごうぎんの決算や活動内容にて海外の皆様に知っていただくために作成しています

Notes to the Consolidated Financial StatementsTHE SAN-IN GODO BANK, LTD. AND CONSOLIDATED SUBSIDIARIES(1) Currency-related transactionsMillions of YenContract amountAs of March 31, 2014TotalOver one yearFair valueGains (losses)Over-the-counterCurrency swaps\34,009\29,523\159\ 159Forward foreign exchange contracts:Sold63,141?(659)(659)Bought13,900?100100Currency options:Sold15,514?(295)(80)Bought15,514?295132Total\(400)\(348)Millions of YenContract amountAs of March 31, 2015TotalOver one yearFair valueGains (losses)Over-the-counterCurrency swaps\30,139\23,474\ 113\113Forward foreign exchange contracts:Sold55,977?(819)(819)Bought805?1919Currency options:Sold21,942?(367)(72)Bought21,942?366148Total\(687)\(611)Thousands of U.S. DollarsContract amountAs of March 31, 2015TotalOver one yearFair valueGains (losses)Over-the-counterCurrency swaps$250,803$195,339$940$ 940Forward foreign exchange contracts:Sold465,815?(6,815)(6,815)Bought6,698?158158Currency options:Sold182,591?(3,054)(599)Bought182,591?3,0451,231Total$(5,716)$(5,084)Notes: 1. Above transactions are stated at fair value and the related gains (losses) are reported in the consolidatedstatements of income.2. The fair value is determined using the discounted present value.Derivatives to which Hedge Accounting is AppliedWith respect to derivatives to which hedge accounting is applied, contract amount or notional principal, fair value andcalculation method of the fair value are as follows: Note that the contract amount does not represent the market risk exposureassociated with the derivative transactions.(1) Interest-related transactionsMillions of YenAs of March 31, 2014Contract amountHedge accounting methodType of derivativesMajor hedged itemsTotalOver oneyearFair valueInterest rate swaps:Special treatment forinterest rate swapsReceive-floating/Loans \64,918 \57,107 (Note 2)Pay-fixedTotal\ ?30